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As well as supplying and installing gaming and amusement machines, Winchester Automatics also offer a gaming machine rental, repair and maintenance services.


If you are looking for your pool table to be re-surfaced, call us today for a free no obligation quote.

  • Assistance in form completion, e.g. local authority permit applications

  • A selection of gaming machines for home use only (collection only, contact us for what is available)

  • Gaming machine rental

  • Profit and share service

  • Re-covering service for pool tables

  • Home use pool products - triangles and cues

Our range of services include:

We give full advice and support when dealing with local authority permit applications. We record and remind customers of any future expiry dates that may be coming up, so that you need not worry. If you need any of  these forms, click on the links below:

Do you need advice dealing with your local authority?

Whether you are looking for machine rentals or pool table re-covering, call Winchester Automatics on 

023 8061 3505

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